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Timway Technology specializes in online shop hosting services (Online Shop Hosting) for SMEs or individual entrepreneurs; with a variety of ready-made templates to help customers quickly establish an online store system, with SEO free sales of goods, and provide 24/7 live support . The customer does not need any programming experience to update the product information, process orders and conduct online transactions with the self-service background management system. The online store supports PayPal, credit card, Alipay and other payment methods, more than 20 languages ​​such as 繁, 简, and English, and a variety of shipping options, including Responsive Layout Design. We focus on enhancing the speed and stability of the online store system server to ensure that customers have a smooth online shopping experience all over the world, including mainland China

Shop owners at a glance

"Timway's online store system is very easy to use, cost-effective! The system is fully functional, and it is taken care of by the shelves, promotion, shipping options, order processing, and membership points. I didn't expect the Timway team to provide SEO optimization advice. Further help me improve the flow of people in the store, it is recommended!"

AOne Wine Shop Owner - Hei

"In the course of the entire Jianwen online store system, I sent more than 50 questions to the Timway support team. They not only answered me carefully about each of my questions, but also gave me many constructive suggestions. I am very grateful to Timway for their support. The team has been assisting and supporting me"

Outlet Macau Shop owner - Cynthia

"Opening an online store in Timway for the mainland market, accessing web pages in mainland China is fast and stable; it is much better than the previous suppliers! When Timway knew that my store was specializing in the mainland, they took the initiative to help me The "Delivery Address Form" filled out by the customer at the time of checkout was changed to the "provincial, city, county, and postal code format" for the mainland. At the same time, the payment and promotion plan suitable for the Mainland was specifically recommended, which greatly helped me to open the e-commerce in the Mainland. business!"

Qwaruba Boots Head of Greater China - Bilo


Powerful and All-rounded support:
  • 24/7 person-to-person online store technical support hotline: (852) 2549 7978 ;
    Technical support
  • Established since 1997 with propounded experience, confidence guaranteed
  • Fast speed and high stability: lightning speed and stable transmission; ensuring seamless and smooth online shopping experience
Competitive Edges in China, Hong Kong, Asia and international markets:
  • Mainland China Optimization: The server network setting is optimized to ensure stable connection and high speed data transmission, make sure the online shop will be displayed smoothly in Mainland China as if the connection is from Hong Kong or from anywhere else worldwide.
  • System is optimized for usage in China, Hong Kong, Asia Pacific and other overseas markets, strengthening the efforts in setting up eCommerce in these regions.
  • Support more than 20 languages including English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Dutch etc
  • Support more than 20 currencies
  • Equipped with “address format” exclusively designed for Mainland China consumers (provincial / city / county / zip code), plus eWallet options such as AliPay and WeChat Pay, e.g.:
Simple steps to create your own store:
  • Over 500 readily-made online shop templates designed by international UI designers, all equipped with responsive layout design (fits for desktop / tablet / smartphone), online shop design made easy.
  • Operate your online shop under your exclusive domain name and enjoy 100% brand ownership
  • Supports multiple payment methods: Bank transfer instructions, PayMe transfer instructions, PayPal (support VISA, MasterCard), speed (FPS) QR Code, PayDollar (support AMEX, UnionPay, Alipay, WeChat Pay, PPS)
  • Advanced payment options: Stripe Pro, supports Apple Pay, Google Pay and AliPay #1 (for specific store templates only)
  • Free data upload: Timway will assist in uploading logo, creating the first 3 product categories and list the first 5 products to your store, help you configure the initial framework of your store for easier follow up.

#1 Shop owner has to handle their own application with 3rd party payment gateways, transaction fees may apply, please consult the corresponding payment gateways for details.


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Build an online store quickly

Select an Online Store Template / Domain Name

Choose a template from the template library, and pick a domain name for your shop.

View Template    Domain Check
Product Information

Shop owner can define unlimited product categories and upload unlimited product items, which can be priced differently according to various member levels.
Integrate with
Payment Gateways

Shop owner can start operate your business after integrating with specific payment gateways. There are multiple payment gateways to choose from.


One stop service:
  • Free:We guarantee to help you master the skills in managing the online shop back end admin panel
  • Free:Submission to major search engines (Yahoo!HK, Google)
  • Free:Boost the number of page views by listing your online shop profile in Timway related directory
  • Free:Built-in SEO tool to improve SEO scores, and advanced SEO consultation available
  • Free:Help shopkeepers add "Shop Now button" to Facebook page to directly convert Facebook fans into online shop customers
  • Free SSL encryption certificate during promotion period (worth HK$290/year)
  • Successful cases in SEO natural search ranking (Click to show)

Confidence Guaranteed:
  • The system is cost-effective and affordable, suitable for local start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and even large corporations.
  • Hong Kong's well-known IT brand: Timway Online Shop System is ranked first among Google, Bing HK, Yahoo! and Baidu.
  • Clear billing system: All service fees of Timway are charged in a lump sum either by "Bank Transfer" or by "Cheque". Customers will never be “charged recurrently” without their consent.
  • Simple payment procedure: the service fee is pre-paid with the total amount and contract period clearly stated. The system will automatically send “Renewal Invoice” to the registered client mailbox before the expiration date, and service will be renewed upon getting renewal payment from client.

Upgrade option
  • Social Media Login (Facebook, Instagram, …)
  • *Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay (specify store template only)
  • Create a Facebook page
  • Sponsorship advertising for Yahoo!HK, Google HK, Facebook, Baidu, etc

Online Shop Service Feature Highlights  
Main Feature Online Store Shop Front Features Online Store Backend Management Function Network Security and Support
24/7 live support A variety of readily-made online store design templates available (desktop/ tablet / smartphone optimized display) Flexible and user friendly multi-functional
background management system, shop owner can manage product files anytime, anywhere
8 free email addresses
IMAP/POP3 total 30GB storage space
Support more than 20 languages such as Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English Unlimited product quantity/category, unlimited number of images, unlimited suppliers/brands Flexible pricing and discount options
(Discount on specific products / total / VIP discounts etc.)

SSD RAID protected high-speed web storage space, much faster and more stable than regular online stores (Turbo, up to 20 times faster)

The shopping cart supports multiple payment methods: Bank Transfer Instructions, FPS, PayMe, PayPal, PayDollar [Support for VISA / MasterCard / PPS (Payment) / UnionPay / Alipay / Diners / JCB / AMEX / 財付通(ie / We WeChat Payment]
(Stripe* and Apple Pay* are available in specific templates)

Product search, related product display, recommended products, popular products, product reviews, rating functions, coupons, unlimited article information pages and links Multiple shipping calculation modules (flat rate shipping, weight-based shipping, pick up from store, free shipping etc) SSL Encryption Protocol applies on shop / backend management system
30GB SSD file storage space
10 days automatic data backup
Support guest checkout
Visitor tracking and analysis Strong firewall server protection
China and Hong Kong global high-speed stable connection Support multiple currencies Modular system for easy management Web management interface
Initial product upload service available for free, which includes uploading logo, 5 products, and the first 3 product categories. Membership system
(including member registration, reward points, newsletter etc)
Easy to add/update product images and content, automatically adjust image size Database backup and restore
Full support guarantees shop owner would master the skills in managing backend management
Support downloadable products Absolutely no trading commission High speed and stable connection
Free promotion of online store > increase sales volume
SEO Search Engine Optimization Tool on major search engine and Timway Hong Kong Search Engine
Shop owner enjoys 100% brand exposure; the footnote will not contain "Powered by Timway" Sales management functions: e.g. order tracking, invoice printout, order progress tracking (e.g. pending, processing, shipped, etc.), automatically notify customers of status updates etc Established in 1997, reputation and quality guaranteed
Monthly fee HK$198 Apply a Shop Now


Premium Template
Limited Offer -- more than hundreds template


Fashion store Beauty care Jewelry
Infant Toys Pet Shop Electronic Product
Diet Healthy Food Health Products
Sport Equipment Gift Souvenir Household goods

Other upgrade template types: Wedding / Flower Shop / Entertainment / Travel / Car


更多「精美付費模版」 更多「免費基本模版」 網上商店教學

More Premium Web Shop Templates

Limited Time Offer: HK$380@ (One off payment)

Support Smartphone / Tablet responsive layout

Free Web Shop Templates Web Shop Tutorial



Online store service comparison

Service Items Timway Online Store HK$198 Monthly Fee Plan Other online store systems
Hosting service RAID protected high speed web hosting space included Many online shop suppliers, especially those that charge only one-time online store establishment fee, do not provide web hosting services, and guests need to pay for it at an additional cost.
Domain ownership

As a creditworthy institution, Timway must ensure that the “Registrant Email” is written in the name of the guest when applying for a domain name to protect the 100% ownership of the domain name.

Note: Because international practice only checks "Registrant Email" when verifying "domain ownership", if the mailbox does not belong to the guest, the domain name does not belong to the owner at all.

Individual online store systems provide free domain and custom URLs for free. Most free domain names will not write "Registrant Contact" as a guest's name, which may lead to domain ownership disputes in the future.
Email service

8 email addresses for free

(e.g. online shop =; free to open / / ...)

Generally not available, you have to pay for it separately.
Categories Unlimited merchandise classification
(You can freely create the main category and its sub-categories as needed)
Depending on the online store system service provider, the general merchandise classification limit is based on the monthly fee amount.
Number of products Unlimited number of items
(You can freely add goods, pictures, videos, etc. as needed)
Depending on the online store system service provider, the general merchandise limit is based on the monthly fee
Multilingual Preset installation: Chs.T, Chs.S, English; also supports more than 20 languages A large number of online store systems only support traditional and English interfaces.
Payment Platform In addition to the basic PayPal and PayDollar, it also supports Alipay, making it easy to enter the mainland market. Generally only supports PayPal
Technical Support 24/7 24/7 live support: fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English

Depending on the online store system service provider, it is generally only applicable to the high-end monthly fee plan. After the office hours, there is no support.
International online store system generally does not have a hotline, even if it is only English support

Data Recovery 10 days of automatic data backup Most of them have no backups to restore files from a few days ago.
Online shop template 
  • More than hundreds of internationally-designed fashion responsive layout design online shop templates to choose from (including mobile phone, tablet optimized display), only one-time payment of HK$380.00 Popular industry template classification:
    Fashion Food and Drink Baby Products Health Beauty Pet & Animal Electronics
  • Optional free template
  • Generally there are only more than 20 templates, not necessarily including responsive layout design
  • Generally not fashionable enough to attract
Product photography

Option to purchase advanced product photography services, with professional photographers for product packaging 裝

Example:  //

Most of them don't have product photography services, so spend more time looking for other companies.
SEO friendly
Real SEO expert
  • SEO non-friendly URL uses a random string as the product URL
    The most deadly thing is that it cannot be effectively used for secondary marketing
  • Only claiming SEO friendly, but few specific examples
Venture Capital Support Find potential investors for potential online stores and expand your business quickly No support
Modification plugins and extensions

There are a large number of modification and expansion functions, which can be modified for the online shop according to the customer's requirements at very low price, for example:

Facebook shop, Facebook login, Social Media Discount, Booking System, B2B wholesale quotation system, physical store POS System, etc...

Conversion and expansion functions are generally not supported
Smooth browsing around the world and China and Hong Kong
  • The server is located in Hong Kong, ensuring a smooth online shopping experience for customers all over the world, including mainland China. 
  • Use the optimized website program to make the mainland China also browse smoothly
  • Individual companies set the server in the United States, which will greatly slow down the page browsing speed.
  • The third-party application interface will be used in the program, which will greatly slow down the browsing speed. The impact is especially serious when browsing in mainland China.
Successful case A large number of customer success stories Only a small number of customers showcase
Conclusion: CP Value Just pay a popular monthly fee and enjoy a lot of powerful features at reasonable prices and excellent value for money. The general basic plan has fewer functions, and the store owner often purchases the upgrade plan gradually for the use of so-called advanced functions.


Online store system customer success example
Plenty of successful showcases

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Nissin Digital
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One of the most reliable web shop company in HK

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